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i was at the vegan streetday in dortmund today and i ate so much there haha. we started our day with a vegan ‘kebab sandwich’ and had vegan waffles with cream afterwards. two hours later we got yummy icecream (i had peanut and chocolate and goooosh it was so good!). then i got myself a big piece of börek for dinner in my bus back home. all in all it was a really great (and yummy) day :)

Things to do more often


Eat fruits and veggies
Go outside
Not judge everyone you see
Think positive
Love everyone
Be grateful for everything you have
Be aware
Take care of your animal pals
Read more books
Do more yoga


Today we hiked ten miles up a mountain to get to a tea house in the middle of a glacier. We also had to walk through iced water. It was the best tea and one of the best days I’ve ever had.
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"   Sometimes it just feels really really wonderful to be alive.   "
Doug Coupland (via observando)